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Names that Identify Kick Scooters:

Kick scooters: This identifies any size kick-powered vehicle. Note that the word “scooter” alone can refer to a motor-scooter or a mobility device.

Small urban scooters: These are most suitable for adult riding, with folding models having 6- to 8-inch “hard” wheels. They are most commonly ridden on clean sidewalks and prepared paths that include pedestrian traffic.

Commuter scooters, or BMX-style scooters: These have 12- to 13-inch pneumatic wheels, which makes riding on them more stable and comfortable than riding on small urban scooters. Few, however, fold, and they are not as convenient for riding in heavy pedestrian traffic. They are more commonly ridden on streets, prepared paths, and, depending on model, through rough trails. BMX-style scooters at one time were raced. Some very strong scooters in this size range are also used to perform tricks.

Foot bikes or kick bikes: These have bike-sized, pneumatic wheels, starting at 16-inches and going up to 26-inches. Wheels might not be the same size on the front and back. They are more commonly ridden on streets and prepared paths, with the larger ones popular racing vehicles. Note that “Footbike” and “Kickbike” are brand, not generic, names.

Extreme kick scooters or freestyle scooters: These have very high impact bodies with 4-inch (100 mm), hard wheels. They are primarily used to perform tricks.

Mushing kick scooters (pulled by dogs): These scooters are designed to be ridden over groomed paths and rough trails on approximately 12-inch pneumatic wheels.

Off-road kick scooters: These scooters are designed to be ridden over rough trails and in uncharted areas on approximately 12-inch pneumatic wheels.

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Read, organized and published by Jeffrey the Barak, to learn about his experiences as a seasoned kick scooter owner, plus enjoy a wide-range of subjects written by Jeffrey and his contributors.
The Scooter Magazine is an online French magazine named the “Trottinette Magazine.” The word trottinette means scooter in French.

This is the best website dedicated exclusively to the subject on the web and will keep you busy reading for hours on end. The link above was posted through Google Translate. Its home address is

Extreme kick scooting enthusiasts should examine the blogs by Lucky Scooters, a shop that designs and sells extreme scooters and scooter parts.
Planet Footbike is photo-rich Facebook site is all about foot bikes and hearty rides. Note that a standard website page is related to this Facebook page, but it doesn’t work.
The website, ProScoot, is no longer active, which is too bad as it reported on extreme scooting from around the world in text, pictures, and videos. (5/28/14)
Foot bikes are kick scooters with 12″ and larger wheels. The website Scooter-Sport by Peter Hummers provides a lot of provides a lot of information that ranges from his personal experience to racing news.
The NYCKickScooter Group on Yahoo is a forum for enthusiasts. Although not always very active, it contains a lot of information and encourages get-togethers in Central Park.
If foot bike racing is your primary interest, check out the Kick France 2013 Project. This group trains people to ride very long distances with the idea that kick bike riders can enter and finish the Tour de France along with standard bikes.
Learn more about IKSA, which stands for International Kicksled and Scooter Association. Stay connected with the world of international kick biking competition calendar at IKSA EuroCup.

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The NYC store, NYCeWheels, which is home to the Kickped, sponsors several blogs: + Kick Scooter Pro + Folding Bikes / Compact Bicycles + BionX Electric Bike Motor Kit + Electric Bikes and eBikes + Electric Powered Bikes and Bicycles with Motors
Kent Peterson began contributing to our LKS Forums in April, 2013, where he introduced us to Kent’s Bike Blog. Here you’ll find a lot of information on all things “human powered with wheels.” Enjoy!
The French Foot Bike Forum is a place where French-speaking kick scooter enthusiasts hang out. It covers discussions about kick scooters and foot bikes, as well as outdoor sports, travel, health, and training issues.

The link above leads to an English translation of the site. The actual site is

AFTS stands for the Association of Francaise de Trottinette de Sport, or roughly, The Association of French Kick Scooter Sports.

This site covers the sport of kick biking throughout Europe. The link above leads to an English translation. The following link leads to the site in French:

The online BMXMuseum sponsors a forum thread on kick scooters. See lots and lots pictures of older kick scooters coupled with interesting information. OMG, at this time, the thread is 37 pages long! BMXMuseum Scooter Thread. represents footbike riders interested in promoting the sport and in forming an association with the European International Kicksled and Scooter Association – IKSA.
Learn more about footbiking racing and touring through the US Footbike Racing Association, newly started in the fall of 2013.
Footbiking Fanatics. This is a Facebook page devoted to people who share foot biking adventures. Here you will see and read about current adventures throughout the world.
Nederlandse Autoped Federatie represents an association of autoped (foot bikers) in The Netherlands. This is a Facebook page devoted to showing and describing a wide variety of foot bike styles and adventures, from touring to racing.
Kick Scooters for Adults Sydney and Dog Scootering and Mushing Australia. Meet our friends from Australia doing the cities and outback on kick scooters. Follow and join their discussions on Facebook.

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