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2013 KickPed Kick Scooter Upgrade: Learn about the KickPed’s new folding style.

A Pedal Scooter? Not quite, but close: Learn about the CarryMe scooter-like bike.

Adding a Hand Brake to a Kickped: Quick way to add a hand brake using easily sourced parts.

Adding Bumpers to Kick Scooter Edges: Soften the edges of your scooter decks.

Amish and Xootr Kick Scooter Manufacturing: See inside two kick scooter assembly plants.

Amish Kick Scooter Models: View Groffdale’s Amish-style kick scooters.

Anti-Chafe Balm: Body lubricant for athletes.

Barak’s Choice: A Mibo Gepard Kick Scooter: Barak’s reasons for purchasing a Mibo Gepard.

Barefoot Shoes for Kick Scooting Demonstrated: Using barefoot athletic shoes for kick scooting.

Basic Kick Scooting: Ankle Protection: Learn how to keep your scooter from hitting your ankle.

Basic Kick Scooting: Avoiding Bumps: Learn how to deal with problem surfaces.

Basic Kick Scooting: Carrying Stuff: Learn how to use StrapIts and lightweight nylon bags.

Basic Kick Scooting: Foot Position and Kicking: Learn about kick scooting for fun and travel.

Basic Kick Scooting: How to Carry a Kick Scooter: Learn the different ways to carry a scooter.

Basic Kick Scooting: Knee and Hip Protection: Kick scooting at any age.

Basic Kick Scooting: Selecting a Scooter: Learn why your weight, height, and shoe size is important.

Basic Kick Scooting: Speed Control: Learn how to control speed and slow down.

Basic Kick Scooting: Your Stance on a Scooter: Learn how your position on a scooter determines your power.

Bikestar 12 Scooter Review: A nice inexpensive contender for mid-sized scooters.

Buying Kick Scooters From Overseas: Find and ship scooters to you from other countries.

Commuter Kick Scooters, a series: Learn about kick scooters with 12-inch tires and how to modify them.

Comparing the Mongoose 12, Bikestar 12, and Mibo Tiny Kick Scooters: Comparison of mid-sized scooters.

Comparison of an Oxelo Town 9 and a Micro Blue Flex: Learn from a newly experienced rider.

Country Kick Scooters – Amish Kick Scooters: Learn about big-wheel kick scooters.

Creating Standards for Small, Urban Kick Scooters: Learn how to select a kick scooter.

Customizing a Hepros Kick Scooter: How to improve a Hepros Kick Scooter.

Customizing an Atom Sidewalker Kick Scooter for Tall Riders: Learn how to easily change handlebar position.

Details: How to Ride a Sbyke: How to ride and adjust a Sbyke for a better ride.

Discovery Maps and Guides: Use these tourist maps to plan kick scooting routes: How to quickly size up a new city.

Discussion on Oxelo Kick Scooters: LKS forum member discussions.

Dog Mushing on a Diggler Alpha Dawg Kick Scooter: Learn more about experiences on a Diggler mushing scooter.

Enjoy New Jersey’s Riverwalk Along the Hudson on Foot, Bike, or Kick Scooter: Tourists and locals alike are thrilled with Riverwalk.

Europe’s Battery Assisted Kick Scooters: Battery assisted kick scooters in Europe.

Experiences on an Oxelo Town 9 Easy Fold: Learn about an Oxelo Town 9 owner’s experiences.

Family Kick Scooting in Ontario, Canada – a Video: Learn more about family kick scooting.

Finding a Gulf Beach Hotel in Treasure Island: Learn more about Treasure Island, a great place to scoot.

Finding Places to Kick Scoot: Find level, paved places to kick scoot.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park: A great place to kick scoot: Visit this large, level park in Flushing.

Great Kick Scooter Articles and Blogs on the Web: Introducing two online resources on kick scooting.

Handbrakes on Small Urban Kick Scooters: Learn about the types of handbrakes used by small urban scooters.

Handlebar Bottle Holder: Bottle holders for kick scooters.

Holland’s Step Elfstedentocht Kick Scooter Race: Learn about this annual, custom scooter race in The Netherlands.

Hoolay Kick Scooter Review: Read this Hoolay kick scooter owner’s review.

Hoolay Kick Scooters Made In Poland: See this colorful, 12.5-inch scooter.

How fast am I going? Garmin Edge 200 Cyclometer Review: Learn why and how to use the cyclometer.

How Nimble Cargo Scooters Are Used: This scooter can carry a big load.

How to Attach a Backpack to a Kick Scooter: Attach a backpack with a KlickFix adopter.

How to Attach a Compact Carrying Bag on a Kick Scooter: Attach a Mountaineering Frame Pac.

How to Buy Shoes for Kick Scooting: Recommendations on shoes for kick scooting.

How to Install a Front Brake on a KickPed: Enhance your KickPed with a GoPed brake.

Hudora Big Wheel Air 205 Dual Brakes Review: Learn about this German scooter with dual brakes.

Hurricane Sandy Report from Weehawken, NJ: Hurricane Sandy as experienced in Weehawken, NJ.

Initial Review: the Atom Sidewalker Kick Scooter: Trying out an Atom sidewalker kick scooter for the first time.

Insulated Water Bottle: Great water bottle for long rides.

Kick Scooter Brands and Manufacturers: List of world-wide kick scooter brands.

Kick Scooter Gallery 1: View pictures of kick scooters from around the world.

Kick Scooter Kicking Techniques: Learn kick scooting techniques and why to use them.

Kick Scooter Review: Smooth-riding, portable, safe, and fun, the Mibo Tiny scooter has it all!: Review on the Mibo Tiny kick scooter.

Kick Scooters Versus Bikes: Learn the difference between biking and kick scooting.

Kick Scooting Along Battery Park City: Part 2: Learn about Manhattan’s Hudson River Parkways.

Kick Scooting Along New York’s Hudson River Parkway: Part 1: Learn about Manhattan’s Hudson River Parkways.

Kick Scooting Along NY’s North Cove and Esplanade: Part 3: Learn about Manhattan’s Hudson River Parkways.

Kick Scooting along Western Maryland’s Rail Trail: Learn more about this perfect for scooting rail trail.

Kick Scooting Around 5 Pointz NYC: Visit this stunning outdoor graffiti display before it is demolished.

Kick Scooting Around the National Mall: Tour the entire National Mall in one easy day.

Kick Scooting Around Wakefield, MA: Visit this historic town near Boston.

Kick Scooting at the New Jersey Shore: Visit the New Jersey Shore on a Kick Scooter.

Kick Scooting by a Walking Paraplegic: Read about ingenuity and a new kick scooter design.

Kick Scooting in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island: Getting around Charlottetown on kick scooters.

Kick Scooting in France, a Photo Journey: Learn about taking photos with a telephoto lens and kick scooting in France.

Kick Scooting in Ft. Myers, FL: Rolling in Florida on a Know-Ped kick scooter.

Kick Scooting in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Getting around Halifax on kick scooters.

Kick Scooting in Hollywood, Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Daytona Beach: Learn more about kick scooting along eastern Florida.

Kick Scooting in John’s Pass, Ybor City, Tarpon Springs Sponge Dock, Dunedin, & Clearwater Beach: Learn more about kick scooting on the Gulf.

Kick Scooting in Lakes Park, Ft. Myers, FL: Kick scoot in beautiful Lakes Park.

Kick Scooting in Quebec City, Quebec: Getting around Quebec City on kick scooters.

Kick Scooting in Savanna and Vacationing Near St. Petersburg: Learn about kick scooting in Savanna.

Kick Scooting in Singapore with Friends: Watch a group scooting together on foot bikes.

Kick Scooting in St. John, New Brunswick: Getting around St. John on kick scooters.

Kick Scooting in Sydney, Nova Scotia: Getting around Sydney on kick scooters.

Kick Scooting In Treasure Island, Tampa, Clearwater Beach, Dunedin, and Sarasota: Learn about kick scooting along the Gulf.

Kick Scooting on the Boardwalk between Ventnor City and Atlantic City: Tour the entire boardwalk..

Kick Scooting on the Saddle River Park Bike Trail: Learn more about this scooter-friendly trail.

Kick Scooting on the Walkway Over the Hudson: Cross the longest, elevated pedestrian bridge in the world.

Kick Scooting Road Trip Spring 2012 – Florida’s John’s Pass, St. Pete Beach, and Tampa: Kick scooting in Florida.

Kick Scooting Road Trip Spring 2012 – Florida’s Plant City and Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks: Kick scooting in Florida.

Kick Scooting Road Trip Spring 2012 – Florida’s St. Petersburg, St. Amands Key, Lido Beach, Sarasota: Kick scooting in Florida.

Kick Scooting Road Trip Spring 2012 – Hilton Head Island and Savannah: Kick scooting in southern states.

Kick Scooting Through Washington, DC’s Cherry Blossom Season: See the video and read additional information.

Kick Scooting while on a Cruise to Canada – the Blog: Recap of a November 2011 blog.

Kick Scooting While Seated on a Kick Scooter: Learn how a kick scooter can be used as a mobility device.

Kickbiking in Holland: Follow Scooter Jerry on a Kickbike in Holland.

Kickboard USA: Learn more about the attractive Black/White Kick.

KickPed: Learn about a low maintenance, highly stable kick scooter.

Know-Ped Kick Scooter: Learn about this ultra-safe kick scooter.

Learn about the Sbyke, an unusual kick scooter: Elf masters the Sbyke.

Learn More About the Kickboard Original 3-Wheel Scooter with T-bar: Discover this stable and fun kick scooter.

Lezyne Bicycle Pump: Air pump for pneumatic wheels.

List of Gulf Beach Hotels in Treasure Island: List of beach hotels in Treasure Island, Florida.

Lodging Considerations When Selecting Gulf Beach Hotels in Treasure Island, Florida: What to stay in when visiting Treasure Island.

Micro Flex Blue Kick Scooter Review: Learn how the Micro Flex Blue buffers rides.

Micro Sidewalker: Learn about the largest urban kick scooter available.

Mini-Water Sprayer: Keep cool by spraying off.

Mongoose Expo 12 Kick Scooter Review: Part 1 of 3 on the Mongoose Expo 12.

Mongoose Expo 12 Kick Scooter Riding Experience: Part 2 of 3 on the Mongoose Expo 12.

Mongoose Expo 12 Kick Scooter Set Up and Maintenance: Part 3 of 3 on the Mongoose Expo 12.

Muscle Recovery for Kick Scooter and Bike Riders: Learn more about using a pro-style massager.

My Favorite Lighweight Watches: Skip leather bands when working out.

My Favorite Waist Pack: Hands-free carrying.

New Year’s Eve on a Kick Scooter in Paris: Kick scooting in Paris on New Year’s Eve.

News from Kickboard USA – a Kick Scooter Company: New adult kick scooters for Spring 2012.

NYCeWheels Management Change: Tribute to Bert Cebular .

Oxelo Town 9 Easyfold – The Perfect Urban Scooter?: Review by ScooterJerry in the USA.

Pull the Wool Over Your Feet: Wool socks keep kicking feet cool.

Razor A5 Lux: Learn about the lightest weight adult kick scooter available.

Reduce Vibrations When Riding a Kick Scooter, Part 1: Discover products and gear to reduce vibrations.

Review of Oxelo Town 9 Kick Scooter: Discover this state-of-the-art French kick scooter.

Review of the Crisp Big Wheel Scooter: Learn about a fast and fun kick scooter.

Review of the Fuzion Cityglide with Handbrake: Learn about the Fuzion Cityglide with Handbrake.

Review of the Hudora Big Wheel Air 205: Learn what a rider in the UK thinks about this kick scooter.

Review of the Hudora Bold Wheel Cushion 230: Learn about this German kick scooter.

Review of the Kbike K5 Kick Scooter: Rider’s experience on this Czech kick scooter in the USA.

Review of the Kostka Street – a folding 16-inch kick scooter: Learn more about this Czech kick scooter.

Review of the Micro Suspension Adult Kick Scooter: Learn about the Micro Suspension Kick Scooter with PU tires.

Review of the Minizum Battery Powered Kick Scooter: Learn about this battery powered scooter.

Review of the Radio Flyer Smooth Rider Kick Scooter: Learn more about this reasonably priced scooter.

Review of the Swifty Foot Bike: Learn more about this folding foot bike sold in the UK.

Review of the Yadoo New Series Kick Scooter: Learn more about the Yedoo .

Review: Atom Sidewalker, a kick scooter with 12-inch tires: Learn how this kick scooter is a reliable scooter for commuting.

Review: Kickboard Original with T-bar Kick Scooter: Learn more about the Kickboard Original.

Roller Derby Intruder Kick Scooter Review: Learn more about the Roller Derby Intruder.

Sbyke – An Active Review: Read the review and see videos on the Sbyke P20.

Scooter Mobility: Pair a Razor A5 Lux with a Mobility Scooter.

Shoelaces for Kick Scooting: Gear for kick scooting.

Sightseeing in Asbury Park and Ocean Grove on Kick Scooters: Learn how to tour these two historic cities in a single day.

Sightseeing on a Kick Scooter – Traveling with Mikey: Meet a world traveler who sightsees on a kick scooter.

Taking Kick Scooters on a Cruise: Discover how kick scooting can enhance a cruise.

Tall Guy and His Know-Ped Kick Scooter: Part 4 of 4 articles.

Tall Guy Buys Another Kick Scooter: Part 1 of 4 articles.

Tall Guy Tries a KickPed and a Know-Ped Kick Scooter: Part 3 of 4 articles.

Tall Guy Tries an Amish-style and Micro Sidewalker Kick Scooter: Part 2 of 4 articles.

The Miracle of Kick Scooting on a Knee Walker: Keep on rolling even if you have a broken leg.

Tour de USA: Multi-day Tours for Kick Bikes: Kick bike on multi-day bike tours.

Traveling in Sydney on a Kick Scooter: A LKS Forum member rides a Micro White in Sydney.

Urban Dog Mushing on a Kick Scooter: Learn how to get into the sport of dog mushing on a kick scooter.

Use a Rollator and Other Things for Mobility Challenges: Learn all the ways to improve your mobility if you are injured.

Use Foam Instead of Rubber Handgrips to Reduce Vibrations: Learn how foam handgrips can make your ride smoother.

Use Trekking Poles to Increase Walking Speed and Comfort: Use trekking poles as well as kick scooters to increase recreational distances.

Video of Riding a Mibo Tiny and a Mibo Mastr Kick Scooter: See a video showing the Mibo Tiny and the Mebo Mastr together .

Video of Unboxing a 2015-Model Oxelo Town 9 Kick Scooter: See what the 2015 model Town 9 looks like out of the box.

Video Showing the Grace of Adult Kick Scooting: See the perfect ride.

Videos of Kick Scooter Riding in Houston, Texas: Visitors to Houston ride a Know-Ped and Razor A5 Lux.

Views from Liberty State Park to Hoboken: What you will see when kick scooting in the area.

Visit New York’s East River Parkway: Kick scoot along the East River in NYC..

Visit Washington, DC, on a Kick Scooter: Kick scoot during Washington’s cherry blossom season.

Visiting Charleston, SC, Hearing a Festiva Hospitality Group Flex Share Pitch, and Going Home!: Returning home after a long trip.

Visiting Forest Hills Gardens on Kick Scooters: Visit a community as beautiful as Central Park.

Visiting Frozen Niagara Falls on a Kick Scooter: Recording the great Niagara Falls freeze on a kick scooter.

Visiting Holland on Xootr Kick Scooters: Small urban kick scooters can be driven on Holland’s packed brick sidewalks.

Visiting Seaside Heights, NJ, on Kick Scooters: Find out more about this exciting NJ boardwalk area.

Viza Kikit Air Kick Scooter Modification: Modify this kick scooter for lower rolling resistance.

Winter Road Trip – Kick Scooting in New Orleans: Navigate New Orleans’ rough sidewalks and great sights.

Winter Road Trip – Kick Scooting in San Antonio: Discover San Antonio’s River Walk via kick scooter.

Winter Road Trip – Racine to Little Rock: Get aquainted with the urge to kick scoot in the winter.

Xootr Brake Issue Resolved: The brake no longer drags when the handlbar is not fully extended.

Xootr Locking Pin Maintenance: Learn how to take care of your locking pin.

Xootr Mg: Discover the benefits of this scooter style.

Xootr Roma: Discover the benefits of this scooter style.

Xootr Venus Review: Karen Buys a Xootr Venus: Learn more about the Xootr Venus and Roma