Kick Scooter Brands and Manufacturers

Kick Scooter
Brands & Manufacturers

The links below lead to kick scooter brands, manufacturers, and/or major distributors. When needed, use Google Translate to interpret sites.

Many thanks to “differentride” for his YouTube Video entitled Tretroller / Footbikes, followed by his list of resources.

Do you have additions and/or changes to this list? Please contact Shy Adefuin.

Benvenuti Italy
BRO Scoot Factory Germany
Crisp Scooters United Kingdom
Current Coasters USA
Dellemann – Innovation Austria
Effendi Germany
ESLA Finland
Exion Scooter Sport Netherlands
Footbike Netherlands
Go-Ped USA
Gravity Scooters  Spain
Hota Czech Republic
Junik Germany
K-bike Czech Republic
Kickbike Finland
Kickped USA
Kolobrndy Czech Republic
Kostka Czech Republic
Mibo Czech Republic
Micro – Kickboard USA/Switzerland
Mission Cycles United Kingdom
NYCeWheels – Kickped USA
Olpran Czech Republic
Pawtrekker Dog Scooters United Kingdom
Razor USA  Global firm
Rollevolution Germany  Links to all types of human powered vehicles
Sidewalker USA  Human and battery-powered scooters
Sixteen Czech Republic  Foot Bikes
Stanley Rider Germany  Home of the trekking pole scooter
Swifty Scooters United Kingdom
Tretroller Shop German
Vella Speedboard Czech Republic
Whipedo Germany
Worker Czech Republic
Xootr USA
Yedoo Czech Republic
Franz Zehendmaier Germany
Zumaround Electric Kick Scooters USA  by Sidewalker

Research for this article by Karen Little of LetsKickScoot

First published on May 2, 2013. Updated May 12, 2017.